The Crystal Singing Bowls UK in-house gallery is located 50 minutes train ride from central London, (30 minutes from Gatwick Airport), nestled within the majestic land of the South Downs in the beautiful town of Lewes in East Sussex.

The town is steeped in history, myth and folklore. Situated on lay lines, surrounded by sacred mounds, magnificent hills and breathtaking countryside. Lewes is Internationally renowned for hosting the largest Bonfire celebrations in the world. Every year on November 5th tens of thousands of people descend upon the town to join in the festivities. 

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the energy is cleared and the town reborn.

Since 2011 Lewes has been the perfect location to ground the energy of the crystal singing bowls and from here we work with passion and dedication to bring the Alchemy Singing Bowls into the lives of others so that their sounds from heaven can be brought to everyone on Earth.

Viewings of the Crystal Singing Bowls are by appointment only. Call Genevra on 01444 702043 to arrange an appointment.

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