If you have found yourself reading this, it is likely you feel very drawn to working with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. I have created this page to help you at the beginning of this wonderful journey and am here to be your guide and companion in a journey to unite with these beautiful crystal beings of pure harmonic frequency. There are different ways that you can connect with the bowls so lets explore this together.

With Love, Genevra

  • Experience the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in person, to sense their pure healing potential and receive a Crystal Sonic Therapy (CST) session with Genevra

Genevra is the UK leading crystal sound therapist and co-creator of the Crystal Sonic Therapy Practitioners Training Program. Individual CST session are powerful and transformational. 1.5hr Lewes, East Sussex. Find out more here and book a session with Genevra.

  • Begin your journey with the bowls and visit Genevra for a one-2one gentle introduction in Lewes or online Via Zoom

During this session Genevra will share a beautiful in-house collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with you. You can intuitively choose bowls to play and begin to develop a sensory understanding of how these Alchemical manifestations of sound, colour, mineral, metal and gemstone are working with you. These sessions are personal, deeply healing, very informative and raise your connection and vibration! £100 1.5hr Lewes, East Sussex or online via Video Conferencing. Email Genevra today

  • Buy an Alchemy Bowl, a set of bowls. For first time purchases or those adding to a collection

Genevra has been working with individuals and groups all over the world since 2011 to awaken the crystalline consciousness and assist others on their journey of healing and awakening with the crystal singing bowls. Weather you are a crystal novice, a CST student, a sound healer, sound bath facilitator, a musician, a healer or therapist, an art collector or/and a beautiful human being living in this journey called life. Genevra can help you to find the bowls that are perfect for you in harmonic tone, energetic signature, colour and budget. If you cannot visit Genevra and the Gallery in Person we can liaise via email and send you videos of bowls that you are drawn to. To find out more please email Genevra today

  • Register for the Crystal Sonic Therapy Practitioners Training Program.

Our training program is fast becoming recognised internationally as the most grounded and supportive training program in the world. To bring the energies of the Crystal Singing Bowls from heaven to earth requires a loving, supportive and nurturing environment for people to learn, heal and align to the vibrations. Genevra and Julia have created a training programs for beginners through to practitioners and sound bath facilitators. There is ongoing supervision and the opportunity to develop skills and share our discoveries with one another in this growing community of professional CST practitioners. We welcome you to join us! Find out more here

  • Download or buy Crystal Sonic music for my personal use, for my healing and meditation practice, for my group, therapeutic practice, yoga or meditation class.

Genevra and Luminous Minds have created a collection of wonderful audios for you to download and the is also an very special Album created in Rome - a crystal sonic and vocal journey of life with Genevra Jolie & Velka-Sai.


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