Some people feel very drawn to working with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls but don't always know where to begin.  The Crystal Singing Bowls have a wonderful way of finding their earth guardians and our intention is to open a space to help you find one another.

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  • The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls begin at around £700 inc. VAT each. They average around £1200 however, some of the bowls are valued over £10,000 so it helps to have an idea of your budget.
  • Some people purchase just one bowl. We call that a 'soul' or 'attunement' bowl. It is the first crystal sound being that comes to work alongside you for your own personal healing journey and carries the essence of a companion. 
  • Others buy sets of 3 or more bowls and build up a larger set over time. Their interest may be bringing the crystal beings into their homes as pieces of art or meditation tools, working energetically with a combination of crystals, metals, minerals and frequencies, with the intention of becoming a crystal sonic practitioner and/or creating sound bath journeys with their own clients.
  • In the same way someone may buy a crystal, you may find you are naturally drawn to some bowls more than others.  Sometimes people experience a strong physical response when hearing or seeing a particular bowl. You may feel a surge of light energy, feel tingly, have goosebumps, feel a sensation of love, emotions or have an intuitive sense of knowing. People sometimes report 'receiving' information when they touch a bowl, they can see colours, geometric shapes or are 'shown' something that has a profound meaning for them. 


  • You may be drawn to the power of harmonics, chakra or endocrine notes, accelerating tones, grounding tones, dissonance, binaural beats, octaves and so on.
  • Everyone is different and it is our intention to help you find the bowls that are right for you, empowering you to be your own guide in this beautiful journey of crystal sound.
  • Once you have decided the time is right to buy your bowl/s we encourage you to connect with Genevra; come and visit her in Lewes, have a Zoom or Skype conference call and if this isn't possible you can correspond by email/social media.  We are able to provide you with photos, sound files and videos of any bowls in our current stock to assist you in your decision making. 
  • If there are particular alchemy blends or frequencies not available in our stock, we can easily create a bespoke order for you from our Catalogue (depending on availability this service offers a 2-4 week delivery time - please note: photos and videos are not always available for bespoke orders)
  • If you are looking for specific tunings such as Solfeggio, 432Hz tuned etc.. We can let you know as and when we have these in stock. Please email us for this option.
  • Finally, if you already have some Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, we can help you find additions that work in energetic and alchemical harmony with your set. Genevra also offers Crystal Bowl Analysis sessions to help you un-code the energies of the bowls you are already working with.
  • Please get in touch if you have any further questions or when you are ready! 


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