Selenite Ocean Marine Gold Alchemy™ - Sacral Chakra - D+45 - (Clarity of Mind and Whale Wisdom)
Abalone Alchemy™ - Soul Star - C+20 - 528hz - (Oceanic Wisdom)
Ruby Alchemy™ - Heart Chakra - F-25 - (Tantra)
Lemurian Seed Alchemy™ - Thyroid Gland -G#+ 15 - (Lemurian Star Bridge)

*To read more about the energetic properties of each of the Alchemy blends above, please click on each one.

33 minutes of pure alchemical crystalline sound for healing and awakening.

 Forgiveness, compassion, surrender and release. Pure and unconditional radiating energy. The breath of love connecting all.  

 “May Love radiate through me and resonate in others”








Set aside half an hour at home when you will not be disturbed, sit down and make yourself comfortable. Download the file and open it up - close down other windows you have open (notification beeps may disturb you if you go into a peaceful place) make it fill the screen.

Listen through good speakers or pop some headphones on, adjust the volume to your comfort.

Before it begins just check in with yourself, 'How am I feeling right now?'

Noticing your body, emotions and thoughts.

Have a simple awareness of yourself during the transmission, any resistance, feelings, movement, changes in state of mind, body or emotion. Close your eyes if you wish and don't worry about staying awake.

Once the transmission is complete, take a deep breath and drink some water.

Then once again just check in with yourself, 'How am I feeling now?'

You may wish to write down or use artistic materials to help integrate your experience.


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