Introducing the unique and amazing Egyptian Blue Alchemy™ bowl! These beautiful bowls were designed and created exclusively by Crystal Tones to harmonically link the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the healing technology of the future. The Egyptian Blue Bowl is modelled on the Quartz Crystal Egyptian Bowls from the 13th Dynasty Thebes, Egypt. These beautiful creations are all as individual as a fingerprint - no two are alike!  The Crystal Tones Egyptian crystal singing bowl Series® was inspired by this Quartz Faience Bowl from the 13th Dynasty Egypt - (1,700 B.C.E. - nearly 4,000 years old!).  Faience is the oldest artificial substance, first made in Egypt 5,500 years ago, a millennium before glass was invented. It has a core of powdered quartz particles that are fused to each other with heat (much like the crystal singing bowls of today). Over the core is a glaze, applied in one of several different ways.


G1    4"- 6"    £660  (incl. VAT)

(Sizes 7" - 14" see full price list)

*Prices subject to change due to fluctuating foreign exchange rate.