Before you play the bowls, relax, breathe gently and centre yourself. Ensure that the space is set up safely so that you have plenty of room around you to play. Take any jewellery off that may unexpectedly strike the bowl (such as a long pendant hanging down)

Always place the bowls on a stable surface, pick your bowl up with two hands under the base and place down slowly and gently on the rubber O-ring that has been provided.

Ensure the bowl is centred on the ring and not sitting on a tilt.

We recommend that you keep your eyes open when practicing so you can see what you are doing and also be in a receptive state of listening to the sound of the bowl.

Some people choose to hold their bowl in the palm of their hand as they play it. If you choose to do this, always remove any jewellery on your hands (rings bracelets) as they can vibrate against the body of the bowl, potentially causing damage.

Hold the suede mallet provided as you would a pen and apply an even pressure as you move it slowly around the outside rim of the bowl. If you have purchased the Silicon and Glass Mallets, always hold the glass end and use the silicon end to sweep around the rim of the bowl.

Only tap the bowl with the suede part of a mallet. Never tap the bowl with a silicon and glass mallet as they are too hard and may break the bowl.

When tapping the bowl, you can do so about a third of the way down (We call this the sweet spot). The ‘tap’ should be a light and gentle action, not a forceful strike. Remember that although the bowls can withstand incredible temperatures in the creation process, the body of the bowl is fragile and if you strike it too hard, the impact can break the bowl.

After you release the mallet, the bowl will continue to sing for any length of time, depending on the nature of the bowl. Let your bowl sound out until it stops resonating and receive its song.

As you increase your familiarity with playing your bowl, you will naturally develop your own style. Always approach your bowl with a loving grace. The bowls are teaching us how to be mindful, how to listen, how to respond and how to be gentle in our movements with everything around us.


The more pressure you apply and the faster that you play, the louder the sound will be. The intense vibrations created by playing the bowls too loudly or vigorously could cause a breakage. We do not warranty the product against such breakage or accept any liability resulting from bowl shatter. Do not allow objects to drop into the bowls as this may also damage them

If you hear the bowl begin to buzz, take the mallet off the bowl immediately. This can also be a sign that you are playing the bowl too loudly. Some bowls require a very little motion and all bowls require a very gentle touch. With many bowls, you may only need to ever rotate the mallet half the circumference of the bowl to then release and let it sing.


Usually a cotton cloth and if necessary some water will remove dust and marks*. If need be, on some of the alchemy blends you can also use a very mild soap (Use cool

distilled water with about a 10% solution of mild detergent). You may apply this solution with a soft brush to the outside surface. Ensure your hands are clean when moving the bowl, and that any packaging or surfaces are also clean and clear.

Please note it is not advisable to use water with the following gemstones. Take this into account when choosing the correct method in which to clean your bowls and if you choose to use water, you do so at your own risk.

Carnelian, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Moldavite, Selenite, Turquoise


We recommend using ‘Clear to Light’ essence to cleanse the energy of your bowl. Please contact Genevra for more information as application will depend on the make up of the bowl.


We strongly advise that your bowl is covered by insurance as soon as it is within your care. If you haven’t already done so, we would also recommend purchasing a bespoke Crystal Tones® Carry to transport your bowl safely.


No medical claims are made about the use of crystal singing bowls to replace the need for medical advice

If you experience any health problems you should always consult your regular physician or healthcare practitioner

Do not place a persons head inside or too near a crystal bowl while you are playing it. A safe distance is about 12” away

If you are playing several bowls at once, you should place them at least 12” apart. Or the very intense vibrations may shatter them

This high quality alchemy crystal bowl is from pure, clear quartz crystal blended with gemstones, minerals and precious metals. In the formation of this product, the firing process leaves some inclusions, such as lines and bubbles. This is the nature of the bowl. Inclusions are more visible in clear bowls but are masked in frosted, because of the milk appearance, and they do not affect the performance of the bowl.

All of our bowls are tested in America and the UK. The Alchemy bowls leave the UK temple photographed and packed in perfect condition and we provide an excellent highly recommended Courier service when delivering our bowls.