These rainbow Silk Healing Sheets and Scarves are designed with healing in awareness, for use with the sound vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls. These are hand-dyed healing sheets and scarves created using environmentally friendly water-based pigments.  We are truly inspired to share them with you, purely because of the profound depth of healing that our clients have experienced whilst using the Silk Healing Sheets during their healing sessions.


These beautiful hand marbled 100% silk Chakra Scarves come in 7 colours each corresponding to an energy centre in the body.  Each piece is one of a kind and signed by the artist. Wear any way you want, or display in your environment to maximise your body-spirit potential. 

Zohara, a graphic artist from Israel, discovered painting on silk in 1996.  This beautiful and mysterious art form is thought to have its roots in twelfth century Japan.  This historical art captivated Zohara and she soon became a specialist in the marbling technique.  Inspired by beauty Zohara's designs reflect her love of nature and colour. The irregularities in shade and variation are part of the unique design and no two are alike.

Dimensions: 8" x 45". £65 each including delivery within the UK