I've been working with the bowls every day, and I'm getting to know them better and better. What an amazing journey!

Every day I'm amazed (astonished really) what they bring about. They're all incredibly beautiful, breathtaking, highly unique, each with their own unique vibration and energy. And personality! It's like they speak their own unique language and I'm learning their words :)

The effects are indescribable. In the moment while playing, but also long long afterwards I can still feel it.

Opening the heart, ever so gently breaking down any walls or obstacles, bringing love and light to every part and all layers of our being, waking us up to our highest potential, establishing awareness, magnifying that little light of ours, bringing real peace and real joy and real happiness, integrating and incarnating (violet flame), deepening wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, unifying, harmonising, creating bridges of light through time and space, bringing to the surface what needs our love and attention, openness, softness, gentleness, purification.

Oh, I could go on and on. It lightens my heart. I bow deeply in gratitude.

What an amazing gift. I am eager to share ❤

Thank you so much Genevra. For bringing these bowls to me and being part of this journey.

I'm sending you so much love and light!

- Renske