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Patricia joined Crystal Singing Bowls UK in 2011 in the role of Financial Director. A beautiful Malachite Alchemy is one of her personal soul bowls but she loves them all. 




Julia is another grounding force in our team. A scientific brain and a huge heart! Julia has been working with the crystal singing bowls since Genevra introduced them to her in a sound healing session. Since then Julia has helped run our exhibitions and co-facilitated workshops. For the last three years she has been helping to uncover the mysteries of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and co-developed the international Crystal Sonic Therapy Practitioner training program. Julia is a practitioner, sound bath facilitator and works with the most exquisite collection of Alchemies in corporate environments in London and the South of England. Julia's soul bowl is Phenocite.

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Wendy joins us as Creative Advisor and has a complete understanding of Genevra's vision for the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.  Wendy quietly weaves her artistic direction into the visual and literary narrative within the framework of Genevra's work.  She is also an Aromatherapist, Body worker and pilgrim-adventurer residing in Lewes and has been passionate about connecting people and plants for over 10 years. The deep resonant crystalline tones of Mystic Hot Springs is Wendy's chosen soul bowl.




Jane Askey, is a clinical supervisor, group work facilitator, life coach and clinical hypnotherapist.  Jane delivers the Best Practice section of our International Certified Crystal Sonic Therapy Practitioner training and with Genevra, co-facilitates the ongoing supervision, support and personal development programme for our students across the world. 

Jane is a natural healer, adventurer, best friend and a woman of deep wisdom. A grandmother to five beautiful children and a loving mother to everyone she meets. We are so blessed to have her beautiful and strong loving presence to share with all our students and growing community of Crystal Sonic Therapy Practitioners. 

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Martin is a co-founding contributor to the Luminous Mind™ project, composer and sound technician. In addition to Simon and Genevra he is co-creator of the The Crystal Transmissions™. Martin's sense of alienation from ordinary life set in from an early age and his experience was characterised by fleeting glimpses of the transcendental, contrasted with depression and a crushing sense of the futility of ordinary life.  Throughout his exploration of different spiritual paths David has continually deepened his meditation practice and learnt to let go of his depression. His deep transformative experiences are reflected in the Mantra Meditations.




Simon is a co-founding contributor to the Luminous Mind™ project and whose amazing recording knowledge has enabled the co-creation of The Crystal Transmissions™. He plays many of the Indian and South American instruments on the Luminous Mind™ soundtracks and is narrater of the Mantra Meditations. 

At an early age he read the words ’The kingdom of heaven is within” and has been seeking ever since. His search continued through his career as a  psychotherapist, published researcher and eventually Commissioner of Mental Health services, until he came to the understanding that the answers he sought were not found in evidence based research, but in the perennial truths of states of mind that are beyond self orientated perception. He has been dedicated to his meditation practice for many years, regularly embarking on month long meditation retreats.  

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Velka-Sai (Eleonora Giudizi) was born in 1972 in the Etruscan town of Tarquinia, north of Rome, in Italy. She grew up immersed in music, nature and poetry. In her youth, she studied the performing arts, dance and the circus arts, all of which she incorporated into her stage act. For many years, she sang her songs and performed pop/rock on stages up and down Italy. She also had a successful career as a singer/songwriter in Italy and internationally. At a certain point along the way, as a human being and an artist she realised that her path was another. Since then, her vocation has been to use the gift of her voice to touch and heal the souls of the people who hear her, through sound healing, song and the ancestral instruments she plays.

Velka-Sai and Genevra Jolie have together woven voice and Alchemy Singing Bowls into a creation of the Album called 'Conception'. The first in a series of 7 Crystal Transmissions™ of the journey that is life. 




After 50 years sleepwalking through life, three years spent cohabiting with death brought Adam an epiphany: Life is the greatest gift of all. Life is light, love, creativity, divine energy and giving, and as emanations of life, each one of us is of all of these things.  Since this awakening, every day Adam breathes in the wonder of life and overflows with gratitude. The universe reciprocates, weaving the most amazing stories into the loose strands of his life, including the chance to help Genevra Jolie and Eleonora Velka-Sai, who perform and record as Crystal Light, to create the most beautiful, ethereal, light-filled and soul-affirming music. 

Adam has written several books. His latest, “Live Life Alive”, a book written to share this epiphany with others, is out soon. He is also a fine art photographer, and has started working in music, writing lyrics for and producing Velka-Sai, with whom he has created an improvised voice and image performance art piece called Vocography that they are perform all over Europe.

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