RUBBER MALLETS: Perfect for our larger bowls, enables a very smooth sound to emanate as the bowl is being played. The Rubber mallet can be used on the outside or the inside rim of the singing bowl. We recommend using the rubber mallet with the Classic Frosted Bowls 12"+

ZEN MALLET: used as an alternative for the alchemy bowls (including Ultra Light Frosted and Therapeutic Clear) The zen mallets are delicate to hold and create the sound very quickly. The zen mallets are recommended for use on the hand blown 'Rin' Bowls, the crystal tuning forks and all of our alchemy bowls

SUEDE MALLET: given away with every bowl we supply. These are the most popular range we offer and are used by clients all over the world to play the bowls. They can be ordered individually here.

SILICON & GLASS MALLET: created by sound artists for professional quartz bowl players, our crystal sonic wands are designed with silence and beauty in mind. Loved by our clients worldwide.  Vegan, silicon and glass.

Our O-RINGS are specifically designed to hold the crystal singing bowl.  The O-Ring is given away with every bowl we supply. We also give a double O-Ring along with all of our round bottom bowls. If you require extras they can be ordered here.