Harpe de Crystal

Harp de crystal

Harp de crystal

A brand new musical instrument: The CrystalHarp™ was designed by Gaudry Normand and is the result of more than 12 years of research and development. The instrument, with it’s crystalline sound and unique timbre, is handmade in Canada. The CrystalHarp™ is a new type of instrument that can be classified as a member of various families of musical instruments, such as crystallophones, xylophones and vibraphones.

How was it made: The CrystalHarp™ has tubes composed of pure quartz crystal, i.e. 99% silica (SiO2), mounted on a transparent acrylic base. Because it is a new and unique instrument, it is patent pending. Guitar keys, guitar strings and special metal pins firmly hold and suspend the pure crystal tubes. This unique structure gives optimal vibration space to the tubes and creates a unique, divine sound!

Permanently in tune: The tubes are precision tuned and can therefore accompany any musical instrument. The CrystalHarp™ is permanently tuned and will not lose it’s tuning, even if it is moved or if ambient conditions vary (temperature, humidity, etc.).

A gift for well-being in the 21st century: Quartz is a noble, natural material that possesses an immense vibratory capacity. The CrystalHarp™ produces powerful, resonant sounds which are multidirectional and multidimensional; one could even say they are omnidirectional. Quartz, which is innately piezoelectric, gives off a palpable energy that we feel intimately, and which can be likened to a piezo-acoustic massage that relaxes and uplifts.

A musical instrument and much more: The eight quartz crystal tubes of the CrystalHarp™ are tuned exactly to the C major scale with octave. For that reason we have nicknamed this model the “chakra tuner.” Musicologists, musical therapists, orchestra musicians, composers, soloists and singers alike will be eager to incorporate this new instrument into their realm of music. It complements the crystal vessels (singing bowls) perfectly and facilitates meditation. This genuinely amazing instrument will fulfil the musician’s expectations as well as the audience!

Tuned to the international standard: The CrystalHarp™ can be tuned to various frequencies. 442Hz tuned are available for delivery in 2-4 weeks this time there is a great demand by professional musicians for this international standard, which allows the musician to play with any orchestra instrument, such as piano, flute, etc. 


Customise your instrument: If you wish a different tuning or a special mode (oriental, Pythagorean, pentatonic, solfeggio, 432Hz etc.), we can have your CrystalHarp™ created. Please note that there are additional production times and fees for a customised instrument.

Technical details: The CrystalHarpe measures approximately 61 X 56 X 12 cm (24 X 22 X 5 inches) and weighs approximately 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds). It can be played using one hand, while being held against the chest: this allows for free and easy movement by the musician. It can also be played upright on it’s stand, or laid down flat on a table.