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  • The Light Centre Moorgate, 168 London Wall, London EC2M 5QD, UK (map)

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath Facilitation Course - Advanced (THOSE WHO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED LEVEL TWO OR EQUIVALENT)

Course Description:

Learn the art of facilitating a crystal sound bath to create transformative and seamless sonic landscapes. Enjoy an empowering weekend of pure crystal sound exploration and group immersion. Discovering your musicianship with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, develop a sensitivity to the energy of a group and experience working collaboratively with others.

For those who would like to build or add to a collection of Alchemy Bowls, as part of this course you are invited to have a private one-to-one with Genevra and Julia in person or online.

‘Your instruments are a reflection and expression of your true nature. Becoming a guardian of the bowls is one of the most healing and affirming experiences - an attunement and initiation into your future self.’ Genevra Jolie

Endorsed by Crystal Tones® - the creators of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Course is Registered by the CMA - Complementary Medical Association. Certificate of completion is received from Crystal Sonic Practice.*

Learn from Alchemy Sound Specialists, Genevra Jolie and Julia Scott Russell.

Genevra Jolie is the UK’s leading practitioner of Alchemy Crystal Sonic Therapy. With 18 years of experience as a therapist, energy practitioner and trainer, Genevra has worked within the NHS and private practise. Specialising in sound therapy with groups and individuals, Genevra brings a wealth of expertise, wisdom and intuition to her sound baths and workshops. Having facilitated hundreds of sessions across the UK and internationally, Genevra has collaborated with other musicians and a vast range of wellbeing practitioners. In 2011, Genevra became the sole distributor of Crystal Tones® singing bowls in the UK. Within this role, Genevra has since established the first UK temple, raising awareness of crystal sound therapy and setting the standard for its professional practice.

Julia Scott-Russell has been practising Usui Reiki for over ten years and has been a Reiki master teacher for five. Since 2013 her experience with sound therapy has been mentored by Alchemy Crystal Sound specialist and Crystal Tones ambassador Genevra Jolie. Drawing on her experience as a higher education lecturer at the Brighton Film School, Julia has worked with Genevra to establish a series of events and training workshops over the last 5 years to help promote and advance the therapeutic use of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in the UK. Julia’s experience within business management consultancy, film production and event management grounds her approach to wellbeing with an accessible and down-to-earth style.

Course Outline:

  • The Path of Silence

  • Becoming a crystal sound artist

  • The art of listening to the movement of sound

  • Setting up a safe space and creating an environment for group crystal sound healing

  • Opening and closing your sacred space

  • Setting intentions personally and with the group

  • Beginning and ending

  • The Do’s and the Don’t of facilitating a sound bath

  • Implementing a guided meditation

  • Integrating Alchemy Crystal Sound into your current practice

  • Individual needs vs Group needs

  • Develop confidence in your private practice and trust in your unique offering

Best Practice (Time keeping, Contraindications, Code of Ethics, boundaries, non-attachment, practicing with integrity, Health & Safety, Insurance liability, DBS check)

*"Certification of Completion" by The Crystal Sonic Practice, a Complementary Medical Association registered course.

Course Booking

Enrolment requirements:
Completed Level 1, 2 or equivalent training with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
To attend this course you will need to bring with you a minimum of three Crystal Tones® Alchemy Bowls*

Early Bird price (until 8th August):

£888 Standard price: £999

*Genevra will bring a collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls available to purchase as additions to your practitioner set. These will be sent to you via courier the following week - unless otherwise agreed. (Tax free shopping available for international clients) 1.5hr (£100) one-2-one consultations and Crystal Sonic Therapy (CST) sessions are available with Genevra. Please book in advance as Genevra’s diary can get very busy around a workshop weekend.