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Crystal Sonic Therapy sessions with Genevra Jolie

An opportunity to experience this revolutionary vibrational healing therapy with the UK’s leading practitioner and teacher of Crystal Sonic Healing.

Genevra is the co-founder of the Crystal Sonic Practice and teaches students from all around the world how to use the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in a therapeutic practice.

Genevra comes highly recommended by clients and other wellbeing professionals.

A one-2-one Alchemy Crystal Sonic experience with Genevra completely bypasses the mind and works on the elemental, atomic and cellular level. The experience is deeply relaxing as the gemstone mineral and metal infused crystal sonic vibrations move quickly throughout the whole body and auric field. Genevra works with many gemstone frequencies including a full collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls tuned to the 432hz frequency. These bowls are not only in harmonic resonance with the body, earth and universe; they are also attuned with the chakras, endocrine system, designed to enable to body to return to its natural harmonic state.


A sound journey and multi-dimensional healing modality incorporating intention, quartz, precious metals, minerals and gemstones, sound, geometry, colour and alchemy.

  • Complete relaxation of the nervous system and the mind.

  • Receive the pure and powerful energetic properties of gemstones minerals and metals through crystal sound waves.

  • An effective way to transform denser energies, support the bodies natural healing response, harmonise imbalances and clear distortions within the mind and emotions

  • Release trauma and shock held in the body and energetic field from recent and/or past events.

  • Clear and re-balance the chakra and endocrine system.

  • Gift your body time to go deeply into its repair process.

  • Release everything that no longer serves you and step into a new timeline.

  • Open to love and awaken to presence

The session combines the harmonics of the most amazing collection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, designed for healing on an energetic level that effects the mind, emotions and physical body.

The bowls we will work with are chosen at that time to work with your uniqueness to bring harmony and balance into your present experience.

Genevra has worked in the field of helping people to heal themselves for over 20 Years. She works intuitively and holistically with individuals, combining gentle relaxation techniques with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Pyramids. The sessions are powerful and transformational.

Genevra comes very highly recommended by her clients, students and other health care professionals. Genevra is also a mentor, teacher and facilitates Crystal Sonic workshops, ceremonies and gatherings.


£100 1.5 hour

Location: Lewes, East Sussex

Genevra’s calendar is available online, please click here to book a time and date for your session




Genevra Crystal Sonic Healing Session:
During the first session I experienced beautiful physical sensations of release, peace and comfort beyond anything I could have imagined. I strongly believe the sessions I have had have profoundly helped me to take control of my life, guiding my body to be in the present and confront the obstacles I needed to confront to move forward in my life a positive and free way. It is a true privilege to be treated by Genevra, she is very special both in her healing abilities and her spiritual insightfulness"

- Clare Webster, Christchurch NZ