Crystal Singing Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids

Dieter Schrade is an international award winning glass artist and has been practicing this art form since the early eighties. Dieter has lived between Germany and in the USA for the last 25 years, and the mid nineties was staying in the Mahawe Desert in California.  During this time, Dieter was exploring spirituality and questions of life, submerged in the readings of Barbara Marciniak's "Pleiadian Message" and Helen Schucman's "A Course in Miracles". The Pyramids are constructed from 99.98% Pure Quartz Crystal sourced from Spruce Pine in North Carolina.

Whilst in this Desert, Dieter received a powerful vision to create a Crystal Pyramid. The pyramid was to replicate the exact dimensions of the Pyramid of Cheops in the Giza Necropolis (Otherwise known as The Great Pyramid of Giza). Dieter returned to Germany and began to explore and create this vision. 

To date 15 sizes of these Crystal Pyramids have emerged and are each individually hand crafted by Dieter in Germany.

We are over the moon that Dieter has decided that he would like us to be 'way-showers' for these incredible crystalline sound beings and we are so very excited to share them here with you. 

These prices change regularly due to fluctuating exchange rates. We will send you a final quote once you place an order request below.

Pyramid with mallet

77mm     £220

124mm    £335

200mm    £590

230mm    £640

380mm    £1060

365mm    £1435

444mm    £1945

555mm    £3350

Pyramid with mallet and stand

77mm    £240

124mm   £365

200mm    £740

Crystal Singing Pyramids with Stand

666mm    £4110