Circles and Cycles

"In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer" - Albert Camus

This moment… as nature moves us seemingly away from the Winter Solstice and towards the Spring Equinox, as the micro new moon comes closer and the energy of the Chinese New Year expands, I reside in the northern hemisphere. Aware that regardless of how many times we have made this tilting orbit around the sun and experienced these cyclic changing seasons inside and out, we can sometimes loose sight of the magnificent constellations bestowed upon us and forget what we know to be true. With every inward breath, follows an outward breath. Right now, there is new life stirring within in the darkness of the earth, a new cycle of livingness awakening in the depths of the body.

Participating in these beautiful and ever deepening cycles, we can learn more with each rotation; to notice the divine constellations, read the signs, uncover the wisdom and adjust our course into alignment with our ever expanding inner knowing. We can learn to live in gentleness, be kind to ourselves, soothe our perception of suffering with forgiveness and acceptance, listen and respond to our bodies needs, and let this Love warm though our hearts, our movements and all our relationships.

With every rotation that brings me back to the simplicity of playing the Crystal Singing Bowls, I come to realise how beautifully they reflect the cycles and circles of life, the movement of the universe and the eternal livingness that is in a continuous expansion. Like us, each bowl comes from the same source of co-creation, each is unique in its expression and received with a unique perspective.

With each rotation, the pure crystalline vessel expresses a voice that moves through our bodies, effortlessly reminding every vibration to return to its true harmonious movement. For in the expression of this true positioning, the body can become a clearer space for the expression of our true essence, Every part of us in co-creation, in harmony with the Divine, in a dance with all of existence. 

Genevra x