Blessings and Inspiration -  Grandmother + Ocean Gold Alchemy™ - Gamma - G note (Throat Chakra)
Deep Relaxation - Indigo + Emerald & Ruby Alchemy™ - Alpha - A#  note (Pineal Gland)
Deep Meditation -  Grandmother + Peridot & Platinum - Theta - G note (Throat Chakra) & F note (Heart Chakra)
Deep Sleep - Laughing Buddha + Gold & Rose Quartz - Delta - E note (Solar Plexus) 

*To read more about the energetic properties of each of the Alchemy blends above, please click on each one.

Four x 33 minutes Binaural Crystal Transmissions™ 

Binaural Beats are a form of Brainwave Entrainment, to help you feel more relaxed, go into deeper meditative states. This means you can let go and grow faster.  Binaural Beats safely influences our brain functioning by combining 2 different crystal frequencies in the audio mix. After a few minutes of listening, the brain starts to entrain to the level of the frequency used in the recordings. There are a choice of Binaural Beat options within this collection. 

Gamma (25hz and above)  - This is associated with peak concentration, high levels of cognitive functioning, being in the zone, expanded awareness and feelings of blessings. Studies also indicate that increased Gamma correlates with increased memory,  sensory perception, focus and happiness. 

Alpha (7-12hz) - This is the state we are in when we are relaxing or in light meditation. It is characterised by creativity, visualisation, relaxation and a sense of well-being. Alpha waves are slower and more gentle than the rapid waves of Beta, and therefore increasing the frequencies of Alpha can help reduce anxiety.

Theta (4-7hz) - This is the state we are in during deep meditation and light sleep. It is characterised by a feeling of connection and unity, a sense of expansion, deep peace and reduced cognition. Theta is the best state for learning new behaviours and retraining the brain.

Delta 1-4hz) - This is the state we are in during deep sleep. The Delta state is associated with the unconscious, detached awareness and healing. Reports indicate that these slow, undulating frequencies release Human Growth Hormone which is associated with healing and regeneration. It has also been suggested that increasing the Delta state can boost the immune system.







Set aside half an hour at home when you will not be disturbed, sit down and make yourself comfortable. Download the file and open it up - close down other windows you have open (notification beeps may disturb you if you go into a peaceful place) make it fill the screen.

Listen through good speakers or pop some headphones on, adjust the volume to your comfort.

Before it begins just check in with yourself, 'How am I feeling right now?'

Noticing your body, emotions and thoughts.

Have a simple awareness of yourself during the transmission, any resistance, feelings, movement, changes in state of mind, body or emotion. Close your eyes if you wish and don't worry to stay awake.

Once the transmission is complete, take a deep breath and drink some water.

Then once again just check in with yourself, 'How am I feeling now?'

You may wish to write down or use artistic materials to help integrate your experience.


  • Please seek advice from a medical practitioner before using Crystal Transmissions™ and Luminous Mind™ Library if you are pregnant, wear a pacemaker, are photosensitive, prone to seizures or epilepsy, have a serious mental disorder, or are under the influence of medication.
  • Please do not drive a car or operate safety critical equipment after using Crystal Transmissions™ and Luminous Mind™ Library until you feel grounded.
  • The films and audio available via this website are not a substitute for seeking professional advice for any clinical condition.
  • Please do not use any of the information supplied by Crystal Transmissions™ and Luminous Mind™ Library to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem or disease
  • Gamma brainwaves can cause anxiety in people who already have high levels of Beta brainwaves. It is advised to increase listening to Gamma in steady increments over time.

The films and audio in the Crystal Transmissions™ and Luminous Mind™ Library are for your personal use only. They are not for public showing or sharing with others.

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