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Binaural Beat Sets

We are able to create Binaural Beats sets that include 2 bowls that create specific types of brainwave entrainment.

Our Binaural Beats sets include at least 2 bowls that create the Alpha, Beta and Gamma waves. We are also able to bring in more bowls to create a harmonic tones that will blend with the others to generate a beautiful sound that is an enhancement to any meditative practice.

Theta waves are associated with a relaxed resting state and are in the 4-7 Hz range. Perfect for deep relaxation, meditation, vivid imagery, inner journey also improves memory and awakens intuition

Alpha waves are in the 8-12 Hz range and are associated with an awake peaceful state. These wave formations allow us to once again enter a deep relaxation, but not as deep as meditation we remain alert and introspective. In Alpha we can access the creativity that lay just beneath our conscious awareness, This entry point leads us into deeper states of consciousness.

Beta waves are in the 13-30 Hz range and are associated with focus and concentration. Improves concentration heightens alertness and improves hand eye coronation and visual acuity.

Gamma waves are in the 30-40 Hz range and are associated with peak alertness.

For more information on our Binaural Beats sets. Please get in touch with us.