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About Crystal Singing Bowls UK


We are located 50 minutes train ride from central London, nestled within the majestic land of the South Downs in the beautiful hamlet of Lewes. 

The town is steeped in history, myth and folklore. Situated on lay lines, surrounded by sacred mounds, magnificent hills and breathtaking countryside. Lewes is Internationally renowned for hosting the largest Bonfire celebrations in the world. Every year on Novemeber 5th tens of thousands of people decend upon the town to join in the festivites. 

Like a pheonix rising from the ashes, the energy is cleared and the town reborn.

Having discovered the incredible energies of the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls in 2010, Genevra Jolie and Patricia Butler began what would soon become an all encompassing journey into uncovering the healing potential of Crystal Sound Vibration. 

Soon musicians, therapists, teachers and healers were coming to visit. They were left in awe and feeling inspired to work with the crystal singing bowls themselves.

On 11.11.11 Crystal Singing Bowls UK officially became the UK Crystal Tones Temple. We work to bring unique and beautiful bowls into the UK that may otherwise never be seen or heard,  helping our clients find their perfect crystal singing bowls and empowering others to use these profound healing tools in their personal and professional practice with competance and authenticity 

Over the years Genevra has shared the Crystal Singing Bowls with thousands of people in the UK and abroad, facilitated workshops and events that guide and support the ones who feel a deep call to work with the Crystal Singing Beings themselves.

Lewes has been the perfect location to ground the energy of the bowls and from here we now work across London and Great Britain, exhibiting, facilitating events, workshops, practitioner training, sound baths, retreats, pop up shops & galleries.


"It is our absolute joy to bring the sacred sounds of these beloved crystal beings into the lives of others at this time of awakening on planet earth”.