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How to use the Bowls

How to use the Bowls

One can "clear" the bowl, using whatever methods are used for clearing other crystals. An invocation at the beginning of a session helps create sacred space and affirms intention. An awareness of presence when playing the bowls is beautiful to behold.

Using the bowls in combination with voice or other instruments is dynamic and very effective. Renee Brodie, who uses crystal bowls and color therapy in her healing practice, is the author of the book The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls, 1996. She has studied exhaustively and makes reference to the history as well as the leading research in sound and color therapy. She offers several suggestions on using crystal bowls. She has also created a CD and audiotape entitled The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls: A Journey Through The Chakras To Heal Yourself With Sound and Colour. She offers many suggestions for uses of the bowls.

Rubber-ball mallets or suede-covered wands are used to sound the bowls. The effect of each is different, and personal preference will determine the choice. One should strike the outside of the bowl, in an upright position, giving about half the length of the wand to the bowl surface near the top rim, then "follow the sound around the bowl, " with the wand or mallet, enhancing the duration and loudness of the tone. Each practitioner has a unique style of sounding the bowls. Some will move the wand or mallet clockwise for specific intentions, while others prefer a counter-clockwise motion, or a combination.

No medical claims are made about the use of crystal bowls to replace the need for medical advice. If you experience any health problems you should always consult your regular physician. Do not place a person's head inside a crystal bowl while playing it. Do not strike or play the bowl too loudly, especially near a person's head. Place bowls at least 12 inches apart, or the vibration may shatter a bowl. Some have noted discomfort or pain if they have metal pins or stainless steel balljoints. Ask before sounding the bowl.

"Let us remember that although to all outward appearances, music seems to be over as soon as the last chord has sounded and the celebrants have dispersed, this is not the case. It has also been created on a subtle plane and remains like an exquisite flower hovering over the sanctuary. No musical vibrations are ever lost, even though they are dispersed, they will go on vibrating through the cosmos for eternity, because the subtle effects of sound linger after the audible sound has died out, so that any results are long-lasting." The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls, Renee Brodie, p. 48