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Concerts and Live Events

Crystal Singing Bowl Concerts and Live Events

We facilitate Crystal Sound Healing concerts across the South of England and often collaborate with other sacred sound artists to share the incredible frequencies of the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls.

During a Crystal Sound Concert there is no effort or work involved. Lay back, relax and allow the waves of layered frequencies to wash over you and interact with you.

The rhythm of life channels through these majestic sound masters and dances with you on all levels, communicating with your higher self and caressing your cells.

Genevra also works with the Crystal Singing Bowls alongside Gabrielle Baker in a beautiful collaboration called SoundLove. This special event takes place twice a month in a traditional Mongolian yurt adorned in rich vibrant inviting colours, cushions candles and blankets, lit by the golden glow of candles.

The yurt is heated by a wood burning stove (unless it summer hot, then the fire alight outside the yurt)...and its home is in the beautiful grounds of Florence House in Seaford, East Sussex.

"What an experience! These wonderful women took me on a journey into a place out of this time and back again! It was done with such creativity and loving presence….Strongly recommend!!......…"

If you are interested in attending one of our Crystal Singing Bowls concerts, SoundLove collaborations or would like to invite us to come and play to your group or at your event, please get in touch

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